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Carolyn Sims Becomes Certified As A Consultant To Work Together With Activity Stream

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

At Activity Stream, we are always aiming to improve and expand our services. One way we try to achieve this is by creating a dedicated space that our clients can go to so they can make an easy transition to digital marketing. This includes certifying consultants from around the world, so theatres, concert venues, stadiums and festivals feel fully supported.

Carolyn Sims is a highly respected marketing expert with skills in growth strategies, digital marketing, CRM and audience development. She was working at the English National Opera, which is where Activity Stream became introduced to her. Now, we are delighted to welcome Carolyn as a certified consultant on Activity Stream.

Carolyn began her marketing career path as a consultant and now supports organisations in developing their marketing strategies. As a marketing consultant with over 25 years experience in ticketing and live entertainment, she has worked with a number of ticketing systems, marketing tools and data platforms. Creating a strategy that drives growth, loyalty and collaboration with your customers should be at the heart of any organisation and she has felt privileged to have helped develop and deliver strategies for organisations such as Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Time Out and English National Opera.

“I'm delighted to have become a consultant for Activity Stream,” Says Carolyn Sims, “As more and more live entertainment organisations strive to understand and engage with their customers better, Activity Stream is, I believe, one of the best marketing platforms available in the market today. A powerful tool that makes complex data easy to use and therefore easy to take and track actions. ”

Carolyn has recently been onboarded by our Customer Success Team and is now ready to work together with organisations with the Activity Stream platform.

“We are excited to be welcoming Carolyn to our team of consultants. We believe that she will be of great service to our clients by helping guide them into successful marketing and strategy plans” says Martin Gammeltoft, CBO of Activity Stream.

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