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Activity Stream Presents Our New Website: Understand, Identify & Activate

This past year, Activity Stream has been dedicating a lot of time towards understanding our company through a different perspective: our clients’ perspectives. This led us to taking time to discuss with our partners to understand even deeper what the industry and the role we play. These conversations helped us to accomplish updating our platform and transforming our tools, however we felt that our communication as a company needed to be updated as well. So, we spent time reflecting on our messaging to make it more clear about how we benefit our clients through our services at Activity Stream. This - of course - also meant updating our website with a new and friendlier communication and design.

The new website centers around communicating with a more open and friendly narrative, making clear and simple statements on what we do as a company for live entertainment organizations. This means also updating our communication in sales, marketing and so on - focusing on helping organizations understand their audiences to give them the full experience, identify which people to target and how to activate them by marketing to their needs.

Understand, Identify and Activate not only explains what we help our clients do, but can also be connected to each existing tool from the Activity Stream platform. Understand is the dashboards, where you get the full overview of your data from all your sales, campaigns and customer interactions. Identify allows you to look into segmentation tools to see who to market to and when to target. Activate is where you can use the tools to get your audience or fans more involved, for example, using the new email campaign-tool that allows organizations to take action and communicate with their fans or audiences fast and easy.

“Listening to clients and their needs is one of the most valuable actions to do as a company. This means understanding how to help them create a successful event and sell more tickets” says CEO Einar Sævarsson, “We want our communication to be simple and open and the website to be easy to navigate so it is even more clear what we do to help our clients get closer to achieving their organization’s goals.”

Over the next coming months, Activity Stream plans to add new additions to the website that continue adding to this narrative to make it more direct, more informative and more personal.

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