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Activity Stream Introduces Activate: Email Marketing Made Easy

Business is always about growth, whether it be growth in communication, services and solutions and so on. Additions and updates become a part of the evolution of a business and at Activity Stream we are focused on progress.

Why? Because when we progress, our clients progress. So what did we do? We added a revolutionary email campaign tool, Activate by Activity Stream – engaging live entertainment organizations to easily sell tickets through personalized email.

What can Activate accomplish?

Activate combines communication, sales and marketing into one, helping marketers boost their sales and engagement through an extremely intuitive use of data. Segmentation, campaign design and advanced evaluation comes together to help organizations get higher relevance, higher engagement, and higher sales.

"We are so excited to be launching Activate, allowing our clients to easily create intent-based campaigns to give their content more meaning” says CEO Einar Sævarsson. “Email is the primary marketing channel for live entertainment organizations and combining it with our data solution allows for greater success for organizations”

This solution opens up a lot of opportunities for theatres, concert venues and sports clubs to connect faster and easier with their clients, so we are looking very forward to launching soon! If you are interested in attending our public webinar(s) to learn more please join below!

June 3rd, 15.00 CET:

June 8, 9 am CET:

June 14, 16.00 CET:

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