What we have to say, what we want to say, and stuff others say about us

  1. Activity Stream shortlisted!

    Ticketing technology forum 2017


    It is always an honor to be recognized for your work. The Activity Stream team is a bit overwhelmed as we just learned that we are shortlisted for the Ticketing Technology Forum Awards 2017 in the category of CRM/Data Tool Award where the operations intelligence platform and the AS for Live Entertainment, associated industry solution, are up against some extremely smart and powerful tools for the ticketing space.

    We will keep our fingers crossed and expectations moderately low as it is simply a pure joy to be shortlisted. Everything else is a bonus. We will be there sweating in the audience when they announce the winners but feel free to set up a meeting here during the show to learn all about how AI can help your team excel.

  2. The perfect assistant

    Meet Tyche, a finance and business operations expert


    We have started to come out of hiding locally in Iceland. Always a big step for any startup and always a strange feeling to finally get out of stealth mode and put everything out there. The company, the product, the idea, the beliefs, and values. The noteworthy bit is the fact that Activity Stream is fast gaining traction and creating opportunities, which in return calls for an expansion of staff and operations.

    AI, operations intelligence and the products do still come across as complex for most, not unlike when people couldn’t really understand the Internet. For us, using AI to improve operations is like every employee is supported by an assistant who knows everything and is always able to suggest how to do things better, faster and more accurately. Tyche is one of our agents, an assistant who eats through data in real-time looking for valuable insights for those responsible for finance and/or operations. Based on machine learning, her talent may produce observations you didn’t know would improve your team’s decisions.

    This was one of the ideas presented by our CTO in an interview with a local news outlet which picked up on the fact that Activity Stream was adding more than 10 new positions in the beginning of the year and, of course, wanted to know more about what we do, how we do it and for whom.

  3. Live is live

    Extended use of Activity Stream


    Malmö Live, a local venue operator in Malmö Sweden, has subscribed to Activity Stream and AS for Live Entertainment, the associated industry specific solution for ticketing. The operator is the first to take advantage of the AS for Live Entertainment integration with Tessitura Networks’ ticketing system and the existing integration with Facebook’s API (application programming interface).

    Following a short customization effort, Activity Stream will soon be used to not only optimize ticket sales but also other aspects of the operation. Make sure to see what fabulous events they offer if your journey ever takes you to Malmö.

  4. Current role of AI in operations

    Activity Stream at UT Messan


    One of the largest IT events in Iceland is the annual UT Messa (IT Conference) where everybody who’s anybody in Icelandic IT comes together to discuss how technology is touching every aspect of our daily life.

    Our award winning VP of Operations Intelligence, Helgi Helgason, is sharing his extensive experience and deep understanding in a presentation on the use of artificial intelligence to optimize business operations. We recommend you catch his talk if you are truly interested in machine learning or other aspects of AI. The full program is here.

    Helgi did the presentation in Icelandic, a recording can be found here.

  5. I got the power

    AS for Energy launched


    Activity Stream just signed an agreement with electricity monitoring system experts eTactica. Activity Stream and the industry specific solution AS for Utilities will help users of eTactica’s energy monitoring hardware to visualize complex time series and historical data to provide valuable insights based on patterns detected in energy consumption.

    The companies will further develop an artificial intelligence based functionality to help utilities provide customers with a deeper understanding of use, options to save energy, cut the cost of maintenance and prevent failure. The granularity of the information and the operational insights enable utilities to offer their customers a way to go green by decreasing their carbon footprint, schedule preventive maintenance and discover ways to decrease consumption.