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  1. Growing the seeds of awe

    as in awesome

    hiring (1)

    Onboarding new members to a team and growing a business is never easy, even for those who’ve done it many times before. The Activity Stream has now tripled in a few months following a series of hirings in the beginning of the year.

    It is always a bit overwhelming when incredible talents show an interest in your revolutionary ideas and this time around it was no exception. In numbers, there were nearly 30 highly qualified applicants to each open position.

    Following a careful and time-consuming processing of applications, interviews, and peer meetings, more hands are on deck to burn through exciting projects for new and existing clients. Additions have been made to the operations intelligence team, the solutions & services task force, the core application team and the administration group is ready for massive scaling.

    We are thankful for the attention our ideology, our product and approach to operations intelligence is receiving and our pipeline, still too early to announce, has the team, literally, on the verge of a serial urinary incontinence.

  2. Say Hi to AI

    Artificial intelligence is a hot ticket


    Again and again, we find ourselves explaining how AI is not only revolutionizing pretty much everything but industries like event ticketing as well. Activity Stream has designed and developed, in co-operation with thought leaders within several industries, solutions which run on top of the AI based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform.

    We recommend this 4 minute to read blog post for some compelling facts about how people in the business of selling tickets can benefit from AI.

  3. Tessitura integration

    Almost there!


    Our Solutions & Services team is the group of talents who extract data from any source and as if by magic get all the wheels cranking in no time. These people who design and implement data strategy, morning, day and night, are just about to release a new addition to the Activity Stream integration platform which will enable the AI based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform to start receiving streaming data from all organizations using the Tessitura ticketing platform.

    If you would like to take advantage of real-time optimization of your business and services, please get in touch with our team or catch us at any of these events.

  4. AS for Sports


    The team in our sales and customer success office in Copenhagen just received a major reinforcement to further kick off our services to the business of sports. The company is delighted to announce that as of February 1st, 2017, Jacob Lauesen is joining the team to spearhead the introduction of AI into sports ticketing and fan engagement.

    His wealth of experience heading up the business development of the Danish Soccer Association is already proven trivial in building further AS for Sports, the industry specific solution running on top of the Activity Stream operations intelligence platform.

    Mr. Lauesen brings not only experience but also a great vision on how technology, data and most importantly artificial intelligence is reshaping the relationship between sports, clubs, fans and the public. We really like a piece he posted to Linkedin. 

  5. AI in TIX

    So much take away from INTIX


    We are thrilled with the reception our AS for Live Entertainment solution received when demonstrated for quite a number of current and future partners, both during meetings in our own booth and at the Shubert Organization location. AI based operations intelligence in Live Ticketing seems to be building a captive audience. 

    We like to extend our thanks to the organizers of the INTIX conference which gave us an opportunity to develop a relationship with a growing number of professionals who are interested in artificial intelligence and the way it can optimize operations and services. The feedback is a priceless input to further development of our platform and solutions.

    If we didn’t get a chance to meet up, please feel free to set up a meeting at any of these upcoming events.