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  1. AI based Energy as a Service

    To save you have to know where you spend


    Our CEO, Einar Saevarsson, made quite a splash at the high-level Charge, energy branding conference at the Harpa conference center in Reykjavik Iceland where he for the first time introduced AS for Energy. The industry-specific solution is designed to help companies to visualize their electricity consumption and use AI to generate observations of how they can more intelligently reduce their energy bill.

    In a panel of thought-leaders on the issue of the already changing landscape of how businesses and consumers alike experience their energy provider, he suggested a scenario where energy is complemented with services which enable businesses to understand how they consume and suggest how to optimize their spending. The point is that as people become more aware their behavior changes and the energy providers should be there, from the start, every step of the way.

    Global warming seems to be an irreversible development which we all have to help slow down. One way to do so is saving energy but to save you have to understand where and how you use energy. The first generation of AS for Energy already features several ways to understand exactly that and AI-based capabilities creating observations directly beneficial to any energy saving effort.

    To underline Activity Stream’s call to action – a call for energy companies to take a leading role in providing energy-saving technology to consumers, the company created a symbolic installation where the beautiful glass facade of the Harpa Conference center is the canvas. One side displays a small island going under water while another is showing the severity of the situation. A classic message.

    We like to extend our thanks to Harpa and artist Olafur Eliasson to allow us to take over the facade as we also point out Mr. Eliasson’s personal project, Little Sun. www.littlesun.com.

  2. Winning

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    Activity Stream was founded by serial entrepreneurs who strongly believe in paying it forward in the extremely vibrant startup community in Iceland. It is a humbling experience to be not only nominated by these same people but to actually win an award as Startup of the Year 2017. This is so unexpected as the nominated companies are all teams of galactic talents who as teams are changing the world.

    As a committed, independent, rag tag group of pros who get shit done, we like to thank the many people who have contributed to the journey so far. Without our great customers, strong investors, agile board of directors and a very capable team, Activity Stream would still only be a great freakin’ idea.

    Today, our CEO & Co-founder, Einar Saevarsson, accepted on behalf of us all a trophy which in itself represents yet another proof that we must be doing something right. This means that we now go head to head against the best at the Nordic Startup Awards at the Grand Finale in Stockholm in October. What an honor.

  3. Yo Metty!


    Iron Man has Jarvis, Apple users have Siri and Alexa assists Amazon customers. Activity Stream has Metty. Agents are a great way to communicate with technology and present information in a human-like manner. Jarvis and Siri are two well-known examples of great agents who increase productivity, provide valuable insights and help users do a better job. Although Jarvis is a fictional character, he is a great indication of where things will or at least can go.

    Communications have possibly come a full circle. Everything used to be face to face, two or more people engaging in an interactive conversations. Now, a software places a layer of forms, buttons, and on-screen prompts between technology and people so they can give commands and retrieve information. Agents, on the other hand, provide users with a great way to use speech and simple natural text to do the same.

    Metty is to Activity Stream users what Siri is to Apple users. She is everybody’s perfect assistant and you can ask her for information based on the data she can access through the artificial intelligence based Activity Stream platform and the associated industry specific solutions. She works with a team of experts who help by turning data into knowledge and actionable insights.

    Metty is in training to become the most experienced, most fun, and most intelligent assistant you can wish for. She has big data for breakfast, business acumen for lunch, industry expertise for dinner and between meals she snacks on small talk and wit.

    We put together a short video to introduce the concept of agents and how we enable Activity Stream users to use agent technology to increase the value of their data.

  4. In case you missed us in Dublin

    Ticketing Technology Forum was such a blast

    ttfTalk (1)

    Kyle Wright from the Shubert Organisation presented their data makeover at this year’s Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin. Broadway Data Facelift was a high impact, informative narrative of how the Shubert organization redesigned their data strategy and is implementing a new way to gather, analyze and create valuable operational intelligence out of their data to distribute in real-time for decision support.

    Over the last months, Shubert has worked with Activity Stream to realize the full value of their data and try out new things to better understand their audience. You can read more about the case in this blog post.

    The forum also marked the launch of a range of new features of the AI based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform. Advanced marketing tracking, an AI-based definition of customer segments for specific events, and Metty, an in-solution chatbot that helps you find relevant information, all now rolling out to existing subscribers.

    A big takeaway from this year’s conference is that many venues, clubs, and organizations are more and more turning to specialized partners for better exploitation of their data, as the possibilities (and value) is increasing at tremendous speed. This year’s conference saw an increased number of dedicated intelligence providers enter the scene, offering a range of services to help organizers improve marketing, customer experience and optimize pricing by use of data analytic services. It’s also clear that services are now getting so mature, inexpensive and user-friendly that even mid-size venues are signing up to get benefits that were previously only available to big organizations with a large data warehouse, a team of business analysts and data scientists.

    The Stream Team thoroughly enjoyed their days in Dublin and all the interesting dialogues they engaged in. A big thank you to the organizers and our fellow attendees for eventful and inspiring times.

  5. TTF17 – Date in Dublin?

    Let's get together


    The stream team has been preparing for the Ticketing Technology Forum 2017 in the last weeks. We are super stoked to be there to see friends, colleagues, partners, potential partners and fellow thought leaders in the ticketing space to discuss imminent challenges and exciting future opportunities. We are demonstrating both the artificial intelligence based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform and AS for Live Entertainment, the associated industry specific solution at booth 119, in case you will be there. We would love a chance to have a discussion with you about your setup and pain points. Why not set up a meeting here?

    One of our partners, The Shubert Organization, operators of legendary theaters in the US and providers of the STAR System, a purpose built ticketing solution through Shubert Ticketing, are presenting a case study: “Broadway Data Facelift” where they provide details on how they have in only 12 months catapulted their data strategy to foster a true data-driven culture. Our CEO, Einar Saevarsson, is co-presenting as Activity Stream and the AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution for ticketing play a role in the massive makeover as announced earlier this year. The presentation is part of DATA: GETTING IT, USING IT, GROWING IT, a talk starting at 11:00 on day one, April 5th.

    The case is presented by three people who are no strangers to the Ticketing Technology Forum;

    David Andrews – Senior Vice President, Shubert Ticketing, USA

    Kyle Wright – Interactive Marketing & Analytics Manager, Shubert Ticketing, USA

    Einar Sævarsson – CEO, Activity Stream, Iceland

    We assure you the presentation will be both informative and entertaining. Activity Stream is shortlisted for the best DATA/CRM Tool at the Ticketing Technology Awards 2017. If you can’t make it to the conference, here is a little introduction of the case and you can always get in touch with us directly or come see us at any of these upcoming events