What we have to say, what we want to say, and stuff others say about us

  1. Yo Metty!


    Iron Man has Jarvis, Apple users have Siri and Alexa assists Amazon customers. Activity Stream has Metty. Agents are a great way to communicate with technology and present information in a human-like manner. Jarvis and Siri are two well-known examples of great agents who increase productivity, provide valuable insights and help users do a better job. Although Jarvis is a fictional character, he is a great indication of where things will or at least can go.

    Communications have possibly come a full circle. Everything used to be face to face, two or more people engaging in an interactive conversations. Now, a software places a layer of forms, buttons, and on-screen prompts between technology and people so they can give commands and retrieve information. Agents, on the other hand, provide users with a great way to use speech and simple natural text to do the same.

    Metty is to Activity Stream users what Siri is to Apple users. She is everybody’s perfect assistant and you can ask her for information based on the data she can access through the artificial intelligence based Activity Stream platform and the associated industry specific solutions. She works with a team of experts who help by turning data into knowledge and actionable insights.

    Metty is in training to become the most experienced, most fun, and most intelligent assistant you can wish for. She has big data for breakfast, business acumen for lunch, industry expertise for dinner and between meals she snacks on small talk and wit.

    We put together a short video to introduce the concept of agents and how we enable Activity Stream users to use agent technology to increase the value of their data.

  2. In case you missed us in Dublin

    Ticketing Technology Forum was such a blast


    Kyle Wright from the Shubert Organisation presented their data makeover at this year’s Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin. Broadway Data Facelift was a high impact, informative narrative of how the Shubert organization redesigned their data strategy and is implementing a new way to gather, analyze and create valuable operational intelligence out of their data to distribute in real-time for decision support.

    Over the last months, Shubert has worked with Activity Stream to realize the full value of their data and try out new things to better understand their audience. You can read more about the case in this blog post.

    The forum also marked the launch of a range of new features of the AI based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform. Advanced marketing tracking, an AI-based definition of customer segments for specific events, and Metty, an in-solution chatbot that helps you find relevant information, all now rolling out to existing subscribers.

    A big takeaway from this year’s conference is that many venues, clubs, and organizations are more and more turning to specialized partners for better exploitation of their data, as the possibilities (and value) is increasing at tremendous speed. This year’s conference saw an increased number of dedicated intelligence providers enter the scene, offering a range of services to help organizers improve marketing, customer experience and optimize pricing by use of data analytic services. It’s also clear that services are now getting so mature, inexpensive and user-friendly that even mid-size venues are signing up to get benefits that were previously only available to big organizations with a large data warehouse, a team of business analysts and data scientists.

    The Stream Team thoroughly enjoyed their days in Dublin and all the interesting dialogues they engaged in. A big thank you to the organizers and our fellow attendees for eventful and inspiring times.

  3. TTF17 – Date in Dublin?

    Let's get together


    The stream team has been preparing for the Ticketing Technology Forum 2017 in the last weeks. We are super stoked to be there to see friends, colleagues, partners, potential partners and fellow thought leaders in the ticketing space to discuss imminent challenges and exciting future opportunities. We are demonstrating both the artificial intelligence based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform and AS for Live Entertainment, the associated industry specific solution at booth 119, in case you will be there. We would love a chance to have a discussion with you about your setup and pain points. Why not set up a meeting here?

    One of our partners, The Shubert Organization, operators of legendary theaters in the US and providers of the STAR System, a purpose built ticketing solution through Shubert Ticketing, are presenting a case study: “Broadway Data Facelift” where they provide details on how they have in only 12 months catapulted their data strategy to foster a true data-driven culture. Our CEO, Einar Saevarsson, is co-presenting as Activity Stream and the AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution for ticketing play a role in the massive makeover as announced earlier this year. The presentation is part of DATA: GETTING IT, USING IT, GROWING IT, a talk starting at 11:00 on day one, April 5th.

    The case is presented by three people who are no strangers to the Ticketing Technology Forum;

    David Andrews – Senior Vice President, Shubert Ticketing, USA

    Kyle Wright – Interactive Marketing & Analytics Manager, Shubert Ticketing, USA

    Einar Sævarsson – CEO, Activity Stream, Iceland

    We assure you the presentation will be both informative and entertaining. Activity Stream is shortlisted for the best DATA/CRM Tool at the Ticketing Technology Awards 2017. If you can’t make it to the conference, here is a little introduction of the case and you can always get in touch with us directly or come see us at any of these upcoming events


  4. In case you missed us in Birmingham…

    and the great stories


    This week, Activity Stream’s very own Martin Gammeltoft, VP of Commercial Operations and Martin Crosier of AKA Promotions, participated in an expert panel discussion on creating value with better use of data hosted by Leo Sharrock of the Audience Agency at the Ticketing Professionals Conference in Birmingham.

    Martin Crosier opened with an interesting case story about how AKA has built a warehouse of ticket sales and events data collected for years from a long list of events. The data has been enriched with show-specific information about the cast, reviews, and much more, enabling AKA Production to analyze sales performance in detail.

    Martin Gammeltoft then presented his views on how the data focus is changing from historic data collection to real-time data delivery, to bring the right information to the right people at the right time – in the right format. Based on use cases gathered beforehand in interviews with attendees of the conference, the presentation demonstrated dashboards, tools, if-this-then-that triggers, and the generation of key observations brought to users of the Activity Stream platform and the associated AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution, or even Amazon’s Alexa web analytics tool or a smartwatch.

    Following the presentations, meaningful questions from the audience covered the subject far and wide – from making tools actually valuable, over the GDPR, to how artificial intelligence, a functional foundation of the Activity Stream platform, will affect tools and data analysis.

    From all of us at Activity Stream, we’d like to extend a big “thank you” to our fellow panelists and a great audience who was extremely engaged even at this last session of the day.

    If you want to know more about getting an “intelligent assistant” in your organization, please contact us.

  5. Growing the seeds of awe

    as in awesome


    Onboarding new members to a team and growing a business is never easy, even for those who’ve done it many times before. The Activity Stream has now tripled in a few months following a series of hirings in the beginning of the year.

    It is always a bit overwhelming when incredible talents show an interest in your revolutionary ideas and this time around it was no exception. In numbers, there were nearly 30 highly qualified applicants to each open position.

    Following a careful and time-consuming processing of applications, interviews, and peer meetings, more hands are on deck to burn through exciting projects for new and existing clients. Additions have been made to the operations intelligence team, the solutions & services task force, the core application team and the administration group is ready for massive scaling.

    We are thankful for the attention our ideology, our product and approach to operations intelligence is receiving and our pipeline, still too early to announce, has the team, literally, on the verge of a serial urinary incontinence.

  6. Say Hi to AI

    Artificial intelligence is a hot ticket


    Again and again, we find ourselves explaining how AI is not only revolutionizing pretty much everything but industries like event ticketing as well. Activity Stream has designed and developed, in co-operation with thought leaders within several industries, solutions which run on top of the AI based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform.

    We recommend this 4 minute to read blog post for some compelling facts about how people in the business of selling tickets can benefit from AI.

  7. Tessitura integration

    Almost there!


    Our Solutions & Services team is the group of talents who extract data from any source and as if by magic get all the wheels cranking in no time. These people who design and implement data strategy, morning, day and night, are just about to release a new addition to the Activity Stream integration platform which will enable the AI based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform to start receiving streaming data from all organizations using the Tessitura ticketing platform.

    If you would like to take advantage of real-time optimization of your business and services, please get in touch with our team or catch us at any of these events.

  8. AS for Sports


    The team in our sales and customer success office in Copenhagen just received a major reinforcement to further kick off our services to the business of sports. The company is delighted to announce that as of February 1st, 2017, Jacob Lauesen is joining the team to spearhead the introduction of AI into sports ticketing and fan engagement.

    His wealth of experience heading up the business development of the Danish Soccer Association is already proven trivial in building further AS for Sports, the industry specific solution running on top of the Activity Stream operations intelligence platform.

    Mr. Lauesen brings not only experience but also a great vision on how technology, data and most importantly artificial intelligence is reshaping the relationship between sports, clubs, fans and the public. We really like a piece he posted to Linkedin. 

  9. AI in TIX

    So much take away from INTIX


    We are thrilled with the reception our AS for Live Entertainment solution received when demonstrated for quite a number of current and future partners, both during meetings in our own booth and at the Shubert Organization location. AI based operations intelligence in Live Ticketing seems to be building a captive audience. 

    We like to extend our thanks to the organizers of the INTIX conference which gave us an opportunity to develop a relationship with a growing number of professionals who are interested in artificial intelligence and the way it can optimize operations and services. The feedback is a priceless input to further development of our platform and solutions.

    If we didn’t get a chance to meet up, please feel free to set up a meeting at any of these upcoming events.

  10. Brøndby kicks off

    In a league of its own


    Danish soccer club Brøndby is a new subscriber to the Activity Stream operations intelligence platform and the associated industry-specific solution – AS for Sports. The club takes advantage of its artificial intelligence-based capabilities of real-time analytics, customer segmentation, and event comparison to optimize ticket sales and the relationship with fans.

    The stream team is thrilled to welcome yet another subscriber to the platform and the solution already customized to both gather, analyze, and display sports related data, and provide valuable insights into the operation of a sports related business. The club is the first in Danmark to use artificial intelligence to empower their administrative squad to improve and speed up decision making.

  11. Venuepoint subscribes to Activity Stream

    Enables customers to use Artificial Intelligence to optimize revenue


    Activity Stream and Venuepoint, the second largest ticket retailer in Scandinavia, are now a few months into an agreement under which Venuepoint enables their own staff and an extensive network of clients to optimize their operation.

    We felt it was appropriate to write up this press release on the matter. Take a look.

  12. Activity Stream shortlisted!

    Ticketing technology forum 2017


    It is always an honor to be recognized for your work. The Activity Stream team is a bit overwhelmed as we just learned that we are shortlisted for the Ticketing Technology Forum Awards 2017 in the category of CRM/Data Tool Award where the operations intelligence platform and the AS for Live Entertainment, associated industry solution, are up against some extremely smart and powerful tools for the ticketing space.

    We will keep our fingers crossed and expectations moderately low as it is simply a pure joy to be shortlisted. Everything else is a bonus. We will be there sweating in the audience when they announce the winners but feel free to set up a meeting here during the show to learn all about how AI can help your team excel.

  13. The perfect assistant

    Meet Tyche, a finance and business operations expert


    We have started to come out of hiding locally in Iceland. Always a big step for any startup and always a strange feeling to finally get out of stealth mode and put everything out there. The company, the product, the idea, the beliefs, and values. The noteworthy bit is the fact that Activity Stream is fast gaining traction and creating opportunities, which in return calls for an expansion of staff and operations.

    AI, operations intelligence and the products do still come across as complex for most, not unlike when people couldn’t really understand the Internet. For us, using AI to improve operations is like every employee is supported by an assistant who knows everything and is always able to suggest how to do things better, faster and more accurately. Tyche is one of our agents, an assistant who eats through data in real-time looking for valuable insights for those responsible for finance and/or operations. Based on machine learning, her talent may produce observations you didn’t know would improve your team’s decisions.

    This was one of the ideas presented by our CTO in an interview with a local news outlet which picked up on the fact that Activity Stream was adding more than 10 new positions in the beginning of the year and, of course, wanted to know more about what we do, how we do it and for whom.

  14. Live is live

    Extended use of Activity Stream


    Malmö Live, a local venue operator in Malmö Sweden, has subscribed to Activity Stream and AS for Live Entertainment, the associated industry specific solution for ticketing. The operator is the first to take advantage of the AS for Live Entertainment integration with Tessitura Networks’ ticketing system and the existing integration with Facebook’s API (application programming interface).

    Following a short customization effort, Activity Stream will soon be used to not only optimize ticket sales but also other aspects of the operation. Make sure to see what fabulous events they offer if your journey ever takes you to Malmö.

  15. Current role of AI in operations

    Activity Stream at UT Messan


    One of the largest IT events in Iceland is the annual UT Messa (IT Conference) where everybody who’s anybody in Icelandic IT comes together to discuss how technology is touching every aspect of our daily life.

    Our award winning VP of Operations Intelligence, Helgi Helgason, is sharing his extensive experience and deep understanding in a presentation on the use of artificial intelligence to optimize business operations. We recommend you catch his talk if you are truly interested in machine learning or other aspects of AI. The full program is here.

    Helgi did the presentation in Icelandic, a recording can be found here.

  16. I got the power

    AS for Energy launched


    Activity Stream just signed an agreement with electricity monitoring system experts eTactica. Activity Stream and the industry specific solution AS for Utilities will help users of eTactica’s energy monitoring hardware to visualize complex time series and historical data to provide valuable insights based on patterns detected in energy consumption.

    The companies will further develop an artificial intelligence based functionality to help utilities provide customers with a deeper understanding of use, options to save energy, cut the cost of maintenance and prevent failure. The granularity of the information and the operational insights enable utilities to offer their customers a way to go green by decreasing their carbon footprint, schedule preventive maintenance and discover ways to decrease consumption.

  17. Go west

    Activity Stream to be demonstrated at INTIX


    We are truly delighted to attend next year’s INTIX conference. We feel this is really the place to be so we are packing our bags and heading to New Orleans in January and would love to meet up with US-based ticketing companies, venue operators and promoters in particular, for a demonstration of the Activity Stream operations intelligence platform and the associated AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution.

    Our sales team is busy setting up meetings with potential partners so if you are an interested ticketing professional, feel free to book a meeting, a demo or both.

  18. It’s complicated

    but, still just basic rocket science


    It is a leap for most of us to even start thinking about Artificial intelligence in operations and services. But we have borrowed a great phrase from a movie and now refer to what we do as just basic rocket science. While we strongly feel that AI is changing everything, including the business of ticketing, we are, as we expected, experience some resistance. Einar Saevarsson, our CEO/Co-founder, gave a presentation at the Ticketing Technology Forum 2016 about collecting, enriching, visualizing and continuously analyzing data to creating actionable insights empowering an organization to make a difference for its customers. 

  19. Coming of age

    Plenty of growing pains


    The Activity Stream journey dating back to early 2013 has been incredible so far. Our effort to further develop our AI based product and include features based on valuable insights from trial users does call for more hands on deck. We are now at a time in our corporate growth where we need to double the number of employees as soon as possible to make sure we can deliver on our promise to angel customers and beta users. By end of summer, we added ten new positions both in our Copenhagen sales & Customer Success office and at the development center in Iceland.

    We are humble to see how both AI and the company effort are gaining traction with people of the highest caliber who bring a wealth of experience to the project we hope to catapult even further in the coming months. Our sales efforts are taking off and although a bit behind, we feel we will be able to ship the first release of Activity Stream by end of September this year.

  20. Coming to Fanalyze


    Activity Stream is excited about being part of the world’s first fan based summit for sports and venue based professionals. The Fanalyze summit 2016 in Cardiff already has a strong lineup of thought leaders within the space of sports ticketing and fan engagement.

    Activity Stream for Sports, an artificial intelligence-based solution designed to help sports organizations and venues to improve their operations, will be introduced to a mostly European audience. The solution runs on the Activity Stream platform and features industry-specific visualization and operational intelligence functionality designed by leading organizations in the business of ticketing and fan engagement.

    We would love to hear from you if you are a professional attending the event and would like to receive more information, a demo, or both.

  21. OK, so the secret is out!

    AI can and will change the business of ticketing


    Einar Saevarsson, the CEO/Co-founder of Activity Stream was given an opportunity to present our vision of an AI based operations intelligence future for ticketing at the Ticketing Technology Forum 2016. Based on the strong response we genuinely feel he did more than OK on the subject. He also composed an article about how clever it is for organizations to become smarter. Check it out.