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Yo Metty!


Iron Man has Jarvis, Apple users have Siri and Alexa assists Amazon customers. Activity Stream has Metty. Agents are a great way to communicate with technology and present information in a human-like manner. Jarvis and Siri are two well-known examples of great agents who increase productivity, provide valuable insights and help users do a better job. Although Jarvis is a fictional character, he is a great indication of where things will or at least can go.

Communications have possibly come a full circle. Everything used to be face to face, two or more people engaging in an interactive conversations. Now, a software places a layer of forms, buttons, and on-screen prompts between technology and people so they can give commands and retrieve information. Agents, on the other hand, provide users with a great way to use speech and simple natural text to do the same.

Metty is to Activity Stream users what Siri is to Apple users. She is everybody’s perfect assistant and you can ask her for information based on the data she can access through the artificial intelligence based Activity Stream platform and the associated industry specific solutions. She works with a team of experts who help by turning data into knowledge and actionable insights.

Metty is in training to become the most experienced, most fun, and most intelligent assistant you can wish for. She has big data for breakfast, business acumen for lunch, industry expertise for dinner and between meals she snacks on small talk and wit.

We put together a short video to introduce the concept of agents and how we enable Activity Stream users to use agent technology to increase the value of their data.