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Activity Stream was founded by serial entrepreneurs who strongly believe in paying it forward in the extremely vibrant startup community in Iceland. It is a humbling experience to be not only nominated by these same people but to actually win an award as Startup of the Year 2017. This is so unexpected as the nominated companies are all teams of galactic talents who as teams are changing the world.

As a committed, independent, rag tag group of pros who get shit done, we like to thank the many people who have contributed to the journey so far. Without our great customers, strong investors, agile board of directors and a very capable team, Activity Stream would still only be a great freakin’ idea.

Today, our CEO & Co-founder, Einar Saevarsson, accepted on behalf of us all a trophy which in itself represents yet another proof that we must be doing something right. This means that we now go head to head against the best at the Nordic Startup Awards at the Grand Finale in Stockholm in October. What an honor.