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TTF17 – Date in Dublin?

Let's get together


The stream team has been preparing for the Ticketing Technology Forum 2017 in the last weeks. We are super stoked to be there to see friends, colleagues, partners, potential partners and fellow thought leaders in the ticketing space to discuss imminent challenges and exciting future opportunities. We are demonstrating both the artificial intelligence based Activity Stream operations intelligence platform and AS for Live Entertainment, the associated industry specific solution at booth 119, in case you will be there. We would love a chance to have a discussion with you about your setup and pain points. Why not set up a meeting here?

One of our partners, The Shubert Organization, operators of legendary theaters in the US and providers of the STAR System, a purpose built ticketing solution through Shubert Ticketing, are presenting a case study: “Broadway Data Facelift” where they provide details on how they have in only 12 months catapulted their data strategy to foster a true data-driven culture. Our CEO, Einar Saevarsson, is co-presenting as Activity Stream and the AS for Live Entertainment industry specific solution for ticketing play a role in the massive makeover as announced earlier this year. The presentation is part of DATA: GETTING IT, USING IT, GROWING IT, a talk starting at 11:00 on day one, April 5th.

The case is presented by three people who are no strangers to the Ticketing Technology Forum;

David Andrews – Senior Vice President, Shubert Ticketing, USA

Kyle Wright – Interactive Marketing & Analytics Manager, Shubert Ticketing, USA

Einar Sævarsson – CEO, Activity Stream, Iceland

We assure you the presentation will be both informative and entertaining. Activity Stream is shortlisted for the best DATA/CRM Tool at the Ticketing Technology Awards 2017. If you can’t make it to the conference, here is a little introduction of the case and you can always get in touch with us directly or come see us at any of these upcoming events