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Onboarding new members to a team and growing a business is never easy, even for those who’ve done it many times before. The Activity Stream has now tripled in a few months following a series of hirings in the beginning of the year.

It is always a bit overwhelming when incredible talents show an interest in your revolutionary ideas and this time around it was no exception. In numbers, there were nearly 30 highly qualified applicants to each open position.

Following a careful and time-consuming processing of applications, interviews, and peer meetings, more hands are on deck to burn through exciting projects for new and existing clients. Additions have been made to the operations intelligence team, the solutions & services task force, the core application team and the administration group is ready for massive scaling.

We are thankful for the attention our ideology, our product and approach to operations intelligence is receiving and our pipeline, still too early to announce, has the team, literally, on the verge of a serial urinary incontinence.