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AI based Energy as a Service

To save you have to know where you spend


Our CEO, Einar Saevarsson, made quite a splash at the high-level Charge, energy branding conference at the Harpa conference center in Reykjavik Iceland where he for the first time introduced AS for Energy. The industry-specific solution is designed to help companies to visualize their electricity consumption and use AI to generate observations of how they can more intelligently reduce their energy bill.

In a panel of thought-leaders on the issue of the already changing landscape of how businesses and consumers alike experience their energy provider, he suggested a scenario where energy is complemented with services which enable businesses to understand how they consume and suggest how to optimize their spending. The point is that as people become more aware their behavior changes and the energy providers should be there, from the start, every step of the way.

Global warming seems to be an irreversible development which we all have to help slow down. One way to do so is saving energy but to save you have to understand where and how you use energy. The first generation of AS for Energy already features several ways to understand exactly that and AI-based capabilities creating observations directly beneficial to any energy saving effort.

To underline Activity Stream’s call to action – a call for energy companies to take a leading role in providing energy-saving technology to consumers, the company created a symbolic installation where the beautiful glass facade of the Harpa Conference center is the canvas. One side displays a small island going under water while another is showing the severity of the situation. A classic message.

We like to extend our thanks to Harpa and artist Olafur Eliasson to allow us to take over the facade as we also point out Mr. Eliasson’s personal project, Little Sun.