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Contains all dashboards and tools for analysis


  • Sales Overview

  • Event Status Overview

  • Customer Overview

  • Event / Production View

  • Customer Details

  • Year over Year analysis

  • Observations

  • Donations Overview (if applicable)

Fill all your seats with Customer Overview

Enjoy a full overview of sales, inventory, customers and campaigns, and easily target and optimize campaigns across channels..

Developed in partnership with live entertainment organizations all over the world, the solution makes your data easy to explore and understand.

Customer Overview gives you a complete look into your data to understand things like their distance to the venue and gives you an entire look into your audiences so you can understand buying patterns.

This tells you when to promote your events, target your customers, and communicate to audiences.




Enables segmentation and list export


  • Segment Builder

  • Contextual list Export

  • URL Builder

Find which customers and fans to market to and when to target them...

Allowing you to improve your marketing performance and help you sell more tickets.

Create customer tags to increase customer satisfaction

Identify your customers

Create customer tags like ‘early buyer’, ‘premium buyer’. ‘prefers weekdays’ - so you can communicate with them more appropriately.

Customer tags

The tool gives you the opportunity to understand your organization from a different side of things - the other side of things - the audience side. - you are able to explore it through the dashboard.

Review your sales goals

You can filter so you can see exactly what you need in terms of for example if you need to look at a certain period and why things aren’t selling or why you sold out so quickly so you can do this for other events as well.

Segment builder


The email communication platform, integrated with event and customer data


  • Email Campaign Builder

  • Email Campaign Overview

  • Email interaction mapped to customers

  • Opt-in / Opt-out handling

  • Website form integration

Set up intent-based campaigns easily!

With rich customer profiling and easy segmentation, you can build personalized messages in your email campaigns and evaluate how your campaigns support your sales goals.

All in one solution, all helping you meet your targets.

Personalize your email campaigns!

Activate your audiences by communicating with purpose.

Based on the customer segments, you can easily personalize an email to increase customer satisfaction.

If you have a customer who comes frequently, you don't need to send them an email reminder where the parking is... perhaps they would rather receive a mail on the latest merchandise. In combination with your data, you will be able to get to know your customers better.


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