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Companies typically run a number of very capable but specialized systems, still without seeing the big picture. At the same time, demand for real-time or near real-time operational information is increasing dramatically. Within a company, system integration is a common way to open a conduit between one or more systems but only for the synchronization of data. Then there is all the relevant data being generated outside the company, now referred to as the Internet of Things.

How on earth can a team maintain a complete overview in real-time to increase accuracy, streamline decision processes and improve operations? That is the challenge Activity Stream set out to tackle head on. To create a cloud-based system showing the whole picture, point out ways to improve operations, but more importantly make the right information available to the right member of a team at the right time when it matters, - when the information is most valuable.

So we built a system always able to answer this question, for each employee: “What information would, at this very moment, allow me to do a better job”, resulting in significant business operations improvements and greater customer service. But to do so, we knew we had to not only gather all relevant business information but also enrich it, apply artificial intelligence to analyze in real-time all the streaming data to detect valuable insights and most importantly deliver it as actionable tasks to the right place.

IT infrastructure evolves quite dramatically and companies are now able to extract much information in real-time to become truly data-driven. We know that the transfusion of artificial intelligence, data streaming, cloud computing and insightful business analytics is no less a revolution than the commercialisation of the internet, only this time, the winners and losers will be determined by their ability to utilize and instantly act on data. Activity Stream is already playing a role, helping some of the winning companies.


"Með ást frá Reykjavík."


We love what we do!  It's extremely fulfilling, you know, to experience companies succeeding with the tools we build. Our hard working core team of great minds is creating industry-specific functionality running on our AI enabling platform based on our vision of where artificial intelligence (AI) and operations intelligence (OI) are heading. These are exciting times for us who have dedicated the last few years to the simple idea of building a functional platform enabling businesses to benefit from applied AI. The project is already attracting an incredible team mostly based in Reykjavík and Copenhagen. We are entrepreneurially spirited coders, AI experts, BI specialists, data gurus, marketers, business leaders, engineers, data analysts, thinkers, designers, and experienced customer support providers. But most of all, we are a team, driven by a passion for the discovery of yet another way to make things better and smarter.

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    Einar Sævarsson

    Founder & CEO

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    Martin Gammeltoft

    VP, Commercial Operations

  • aslaug

    Aslaug Eiriksdottir

    Director, Customer Success

  • selfie_lars

    Lars Nielsen

    Sales Executive

  • thorbjorg_img2

    Þorbjörg Sæmunds

    VP, Operations

  • helgi_img

    Helgi Páll Helgason

    VP, Operational Intelligence

  • selfie_daddi

    Daddi Gudbergsson

    VP, Marketing & Communications

  • selfie_petar

    Petar Shomov

    VP, Engineering

"Med kærlighed fra København."


We are always looking for positive, talented, quirky and professional individuals to join the team. We strongly believe in autonomy, teamwork, and the necessity of a healthy work/life balance while changing the world.


Activity Stream is supported by fast growth investors who along with the team have an extensive experience in corporate scaling and globalization.

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    Eyrir Sprotar focuses on supporting promising ventures for international growth and value creation, fully in line with Eyrir’s “Buy & Build” philosophy.

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    Frumtak Ventures invests in early stage innovative companies that are post seed and show great potential for growth.

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    Denmark’s largest and most successful innovation incubator, financing and assisting talented and hungry entrepreneurs for over 15 years.